10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Labeling

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Labeling

There are so many options on the grocery store shelf that your competitors can drown you out with the right label and packaging design. While that may sound disastrous, it can also be a learning and growth opportunity. Here are 10 things you can learn from your competitors in order to improve your own label, and on-shelf appeal.

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10. Labeling Techniques

This point is really driven home on our blog, but as the luxury market increases, labeling techniques such as foiling and embossing are becoming more and more popular. Don’t be left in the dust. Look at what your competitors are doing to make their labels shine, and then use techniques to outperform them!

9. Use of Color

How does your competition use color? Are they a proponent of the single color trend or are they all about vibrancy? Juxtaposing the common aesthetic will naturally give you the edge, but there are ways to fit in while standing out. If your competitors are typically using bright neon color schemes, a pastel touch will do the trick. If brands are sticking to greyscale labels, use inversions or extremes to your advantage. Pairing surprising color choices with MiraFoil would further enhance your variation.

8. Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) or Promotional Packaging

Use promotional labeling to your advantage. By paying attention to how your competition handles holiday packaging, you can create a look that stands apart from the crowd. Including coupons also gives you the slight edge you need to catch customers’ eyes.

7. Use of Texture

Whether it’s embossing or tactile screen, having a little extra texture on the label can draw attention and entice a customer to pick up your product. On the other hand, label stock is just as important. If you are creating a label for a luxury wine bottle, using wine stock is essentially non-negotiable in order to drive home your branding.

6. Green Innovations

Whether it is the over-use of packaging in produce or the anti-packaging movement, customers are sick of anything unnecessary.  When possible, use water dissolvable labels (only) on produce or limit the packaging on your product to gain yet another slight advantage over competitors who don’t use those methods.

Then use environmentally friendly labeling and packaging options offered by your suppliers.

5. Smart Labeling & Customer Engagement

Customers want to engage with brands. They want to understand how to better use your products and are enthusiastic when your competitors go the extra mile to create value. Create a label that can not only showcase information to the customer but can work with them on their journey with your product.

4. Successful Demographic Targeting

Be sure that your design speaks to the demographic you’re targeting. Whatever you do, just don’t use clichés. You’re better than that. This can also go back to point number nine, regarding color. There are ways to align with your competition, should that match your demographic’s taste, just find your own way to make an impact.

3. Online Engagement

Create an event out of your new label design! Brands that are practicing this marketing strategy are finding success in doing so. Not changing your label anytime soon? You can still show your audience the fine details of your label or how it is applied. Your customers want that personal connection, so pull down the barrier and let them get to know your company.

2. Durability

Are you selling a product that requires a label to withstand moisture or freezing temperatures? Do you need a label to withstand heat and constant light? Use the correct labeling methods in order for your label to last.

Using the correct method of label application also has an effect on air pockets and other flaws. By using the right label in combination with the right label applicator, your product won’t peel off or look cheap.

1. Originality

All of that being said, break the rules. Nothing draws attention like thinking outside of the box and creating outlandish, delightful design.


Are you interested in learning more about what Great Lakes Label offers, or how to incorporate these techniques into your label design? Download our Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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