The 419 ALcode P

The 419 ALcode P

A complete turn key pallet labeling solution.

About The System

The ALcode P pallet labeller represents the latest evolution by ALTECH UK in the field of pallet labeling machines.

ALcode P is based on the well known SATO 8460Se print engine, able to print high quality labels of 152 mm width at 200 mm/sec in “harsh” industrial environments. The modular mounting allows also the use of alternative print engines such as Zebra 170 Pax or Datamax A Class.

Label printing is handled by the well known SATO 6″ industrial print engine range, able to print high quality barcode labels on a variety of label media types (inc weatherproof synthetics) at up to 200 mm/sec in “harsh” industrial environments.

The modular printer mounting also allows the potential use of alternative print engines such as a Zebra 170 PAX or Datamax A-Class with their respective print languages and interface options, as well the possibility of holding a ‘hot-swap’ print engine – a popular failsafe spare with many customers, reliant on labelled product to allow them to ship their goods.

Universal Solution:

This highly flexible universal solution can be designed with axis strokes to accommodate non standard pallets of significant size differences as well as allowing multi label logics, including front and side or side-rear, as well as the possibility of front, side and rear (three labels) in either one or two pallet stops.

Production Speeds:

Up to 120 pallets an hour depending on label and on the applicator configuration.

The application system features an innovative rotating application movement system, providing high speed multiple label movements, but incredibly is driven by only one motor, making it very simple and easy to maintain – a real advance in the design of multi face pallet label application solutions.


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