5 Tips For Creating Holiday Labels

5 Tips For Creating Holiday Labels

Holiday labels are an exciting thing to design. Promotional packaging is a sign of the changing season and gets customers excited about your product and also about the season. Not only do they help you to stand out from your competitors, but they also can work as potential gift ideas for shoppers.Great Lakes Label's R&D Hot Chocolate Promotional Holiday Labels

5. Holiday Labels Need Holiday Colors

This is stating the obvious, but blues, reds, and greens are signals of the festive season. Commonly white and black are used in elegant packaging designs, and so are foils. MiraFoil is a precice foiling technique that can not only match Pantone colors but form intricate shapes. Yes, it is capable of creating a shining snowflake matching your branded colors.

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Snowflake motif for holiday labels4. Use Appropriate Motifs

A non-denominational holiday celebration from brands is a point of contention. Regardless of stance, there are many motifs you can use that won’t leave out groups of customers this holiday season. Here are some examples Americans and Canadians (and anyone with a frosty climate) can relate to:

  • snowflakes
  • snowmen
  • ice skating
  • New Year’s fireworks
  • puffy coats
  • a cozy fireplace

…the list goes on…

These motifs signal that the packaging is promotional and excite customers with warm feelings of tradition. Sometimes a little label redesign is all you need to get people into the holiday spirit.

3. Social Connection

This season is all about coming together and connecting. Incorporate a festive hashtag so people can connect to posts where they are using it throughout the season. If it is a food item, encourage people to share recipes they’ve made for loved ones. Bonus points if prizes are given to the best post using the hashtag. It is the season of giving after all!

Great Lakes Label Promotional Holiday Hot Chocolate R&D Design
Great Lakes Label Promotional Holiday Hot Chocolate R&D Design

2. Know When to Break The Rules

For luxury items, incorporating motifs and changing color schemes prove difficult. It is just as effective to create an elevated, exclusive looking label that emphasizes limited edition. This creates intrigue and creates a more giftable item for customers.

1. Add Value

How can your product add more value to customers throughout the holiday season? Use smart labeling technology to incorporate seasonal video tutorials. Consider your customers’ needs in using the product and provide them with added value. A little goes a long way.


Learning more about what Great Lakes Label offers, and incorporating these techniques into your label design. Download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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