5 Ways To Design Timeless Labels

5 Ways To Design Timeless Labels

Design timeless labels with these 5 key steps. Not only will your packaging emphasize your brand, but it will also allow your product to stand out in the grocery aisle. Best still, create a design that stands the test of time and avoid constant additions or changes to the labels.

This is especially crucial for new businesses needing to create a compelling design they can rely on before it can even be tested. In the early stages, when setting up a business is chaotic, relieve some stress. Simple design doesn’t have to be lackluster. Done right, it is possible to outshine your competition and establish a recognizable brand.


5. Avoid Showcasing Trends

For most industries, it’s simple. Avoid showcasing models or locations that give away the current fashion, beauty, interior design, or automotive trends. In fact, avoid any ever-shifting trends. Stick to what’s tried and true. If your label uses models, make sure their look transcends eras.

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Fashion and beauty products are more difficult. In order to showcase the product, it’s important to highlight why it’s currently relevant. When creating a design that lasts, again, use looks that will stand the test of time. Alternatively, get close. Like, really close. If you’re selling a nourishing hair creme, how much of the model do you really need to see? Keep the hair classicly straight, the makeup simple and the clothes out of frame.

Things become even more difficult if the product itself is trend bound to shift. Say, the label is showcasing the size of the latest and greatest style of jeans. This is where simplicity is key. Instead of using imagery of the jeans, use a close up of the jean material in your label. Or, avoid graphics altogether and create a minimalistic, copy-only label. Let the trendy pair of pants be the focus.


Lake Day Chardonnay wine label with QR code labeling technology and social media link

4. Link To Evergreen Content On Your Label For A Consistent Sense of Connection

It’s easier than ever to build a relationship with customers. With labeling technology and social media sharing, incorporating a small graphic or handle on your label goes a long way.

First, build content that will remain relevant to your product for a long time. Create a video tutorial for installing computer software, write a recipe that incorporates your handcrafted sauce, or build an app that reminds you to take your daily dose of medicine. The possibilities are endless. Then, when you design your label, insert a QR code into the design, or add NFC technology to the label. Make it easy for your customers to connect to the personalized content intended to enhance the shopping experience after they take the item home. The consideration and continued interaction builds a bond and brand loyalty.

Encourage customers to share their experiences on social media. Then, engage. When images are posts, reshare the user-generated content onto the company profile. This, in turn, encourages other customers to take pictures with your products. Actively ask for engagement as well. Whether that’s through generating and engaging with reviews of all kinds, or hosting an online contest. The contact after purchase again builds a bond between the brand and the customer, improving the overall experience.


McClary black and white drinking vinegar Label by Great Lakes Label

3. Black and White Packaging Is Simple, Yet Luxurious

Black and white labels sound simple, and they are in all the best ways. If you’re looking for a quick-run, digitally printed label that still looks luxurious and classic, work in greyscale. It also is a brilliant design technique for emphasizing classic and vintage products. Even the most subtle product or container colors will pop against the label.


Gaby Cuvee Wine Label with Gold Metallic Foiling and Embossing

2. Use Classic Metallics

Metallic colors like gold and silver never go out of style. For luxury brands, they also emphasize the sophisticated nature of the product. That said, with the luxury market growing, all industries benefit from the use of foiling. There are a few ways to incorporate it into your label design.

Hot Stamp & Cold Foil

Hot Stamp and Cold Foil both provide crisp, vibrant metallics. These techniques are great for larger graphics like the image above. Full disclosure, the Gaby Cuvee label also uses embossing to make the foiling pop even more. So, use foiling alone or in combination with other innovative labeling techniques for an even greater impact.


MiraFoil is an ink-based foil ideal for precise designs. Are you looking to add foiling to your text? Create sharp, thin lines if need be. Since MiraFoil is ink-based, this means it also can be matched to any Pantone color. So, this makes it possible to foil brand logos in branded color schemes to blend seamlessly with other product lines, yet stand out.

Metallic Stock

Metallic labeling stocks give you the coverage you need. This is a metallic baseline where details (matte or metallic) are printed over top. Metallic stock really shines for minimalistic labels.

subway sandwich classic label design with pull tab

1. Timeless Labels Rely on Brand Colors

Nothing is more consistent and timeless than your branded logo and color scheme. Especially when starting out, using the logo and colors all over your packaging makes it easy for customers to recognize and remember your products. Why overthink it? Simple label designs can still be innovative. For resealable or inclusive packaging, add a pull tab. Unique label shapes are another simple, yet impactful way to add interest and engagement to your packaging. Consider the needs of the consumer and product overall.


Learn more about how we can bring your wildest label design concepts and durability requirements to life. While techniques are important and exciting, there’s so much more to your label. Download our Label Project Guide e-book.


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