What Can Our Our Rotary Screen Module Create?

What Can Our Our Rotary Screen Module Create?

The RSI® Narrow Web rotary screen module created by SPGPrints

The RSI® Narrow Web rotary screen module created by SPGPrints is a key tool that Great Lakes Label uses to achieve various innovative labeling techniques. This rotary screen produces metallic colors, tactile coatings (including braille), scratch off inks, security features, thermosensitive inks, magnetic inks, glitter coatings, fluorescent colors, UV inks, and strong opaques. Because of the strong opaque capability, white details on a transparent stock are crystal clear. A combination that makes printing quite tricky on a standard flexographic press.

Crisp White Font Using The Rotary Screen Module

Costa Farms is a client of Great Lakes Label who uses white ink on transparent label stock. The SPGPrint rotary screen specializes in creating fine lines and sharp letters down to a four-point font. This label, in particular, requires ultra fine lines for the Costa Farms’ logo. Regardless, the rotary screen creates precise and well-coated letters for the intricate font.

Rotary Screen Unit Printing Fine White Text on Transparent Stock

Uploaded by Great Lakes Label, LLC on 2018-03-13.

See it in action! Here is the rotary screen unit, on a flexographic printing press, creating crisp, white text on a transparent stock. Envision what is possible with your own design by seeing how it’s used elsewhere.


glitter actega sheet Label by Great Lakes Label

Glitter & Raised Effects

The glitter and tactile coatings create a raised effect. They make graphics look more realistic while drawing customer attention due to the fact that they glisten in the light. These techniques enhance the overall luxury aesthetic of a label.


neon ink actega sheet Label by Great Lakes Label 3

Metallic & UV Coatings

The metallic colors, UV inks, and fluorescent colors don’t impact the label on a tactile level. Instead, they catch the light in unique ways and enhance elements of the design. These techniques are unique ways for brands to create designs with a competitive edge.

Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label


Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers through the rotary screen module.  We offer a variety of inks and coatings that create a label that excites customers. Download our e-book, The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings.

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