Commitment to Sustainability

Great Lakes Label LLC is committed to serving the West Michigan community. We strongly believe in our responsibility for making a positive and lasting contribution to our communities and environment. Our efforts range from environmental, health, and safety initiatives to partnering with local charities and organizations.

Great Lakes Label T5 Lighting

We Use T5 Lighting

In our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and tackle climate change, Great Lakes Label was outfitted with new T5 lighting. The T5 lighting helps us reduce emissions, using much less energy, compared to fluorescent or T8 lighting. Our facility has also realized greater energy savings. The long-lasting lighting has also eliminated constant disposal, decreasing our waste.

Great Lakes Label Waste Reduction

Commitment To Waste Reduction

We continue to reduce the number of raw material deliveries by implementing LEAN practices within our purchasing procedures. Great Lakes Label LLC works closely with our supply chain, documenting and tracing raw materials all the way back to their origin.


We recycle our corrugated waste material. We continue to try and reduce materials wasted with our LEAN manufacturing practices, reuse items that we can during testing and trials, and recycle our waste materials that can be recycled

Emissions Reporting

Following the industry leaders in emissions reporting, Great Lakes Label has established goals to reduce our carbon footprint by 2028 and hope to increase reductions in years following. Our GHG emission measurements have been made possibly by in-house investigations, all the way down to individual commutes, and third –party solutions such as Research Advisor to give accurate industry averages to base our progress on. Through a combination of Quality Assurance and data analytics, we have summed up our GHG emissions for 2022 as our base year to drive our sustainability programs and inform disclosures.

Scopes 1 & 2 Emissions
We measure and track Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions through on-site investigations of our machinery, facility, and the safety measures we have in place. From 2022, we have equated our Scope 1 & 2 emissions to about 450 Co2 (metric tons) which is derived from the heating and cooling of our facility and stationary combustion. Our machines are retrofitted with non-emission equipment that do not contribute to these factors, helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

Scope 3 Emissions
A majority of our emissions derive from Scope 3, where we have worked diligently to track everything down to our employee’s travels for commuting on a daily basis to traveling to meet with our wonderful customers all around to maintain positive and effective relationships. Scope 3 also factors in our upstream and downstream emissions from purchasing and supplying materials and products between our suppliers and customers. Through promoting energy efficiency retrofits and investing in manufacturing process improvements we are striving to reduce the 445 Co2 (metric tons) from 2022 in coming years. We plan to have an increase in production and growth of our facility over the next several quarters, which we expect will have an impact on our emissions. It is our goal to maintain a sustainable environment and continue to attempt to reduce emissions with respect to our growth.

We hope to build a competitive advantage within our industry by being transparent with our customers by providing a continuous and accurate emissions report going forward.