Commitment to Sustainability

Great Lakes Label LLC is committed to serving the West Michigan community. We strongly believe in our responsibility for making a positive and lasting contribution to our communities and environment. Our efforts range from environmental, health, and safety initiatives to partnering with local charities and organizations.

Great Lakes Label T5 Lighting

We Use T5 Lighting

In our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and tackle climate change, Great Lakes Label was outfitted with new T5 lighting. The T5 lighting helps us reduce emissions, using much less energy, compared to fluorescent or T8 lighting. Our facility has also realized greater energy savings. The long-lasting lighting has also eliminated constant disposal, decreasing our waste.

Great Lakes Label Waste Reduction

Commitment To Waste Reduction

We continue to reduce the number of raw material deliveries by implementing LEAN practices within our purchasing procedures. Great Lakes Label LLC works closely with our supply chain, documenting and tracing raw materials all the way back to their origin.


We recycle our corrugated waste material. We continue to try and reduce materials wasted with our LEAN manufacturing practices, reuse items that we can during testing and trials, and recycle our waste materials that can be recycled