The ALStep

The ALSTEP Labeling Machine

Adapts to the most demanding industrial environments and particularly cramped spaces.

About The System

The ALstep Label applicator is a compact, low-cost applicator for pressure-sensitive labels which can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines.

ALstep labelers can hold label rolls up to 300 mm (12″) in diameter, giving long operating times; they are equipped with a separate control box with cooling fan, making it possible to run them in harsh industrial environments.

The ALstep series is available in the following versions:

  • S (maximum label width 100 mm), speed 30 m/min
  • M (maximum label width 200 mm), speed 20 m/min
  • T with integrated SATO thermal printer
  • E (lowest cost model with maximum label width 100 mm) and speed 15 m/min.

Available Functions:

  • Pre-dispensing adjustment
  • Adjustment of label dispensing speed
  • Labeling delay adjustment
  • Automatic recovery of missing labels
  • Pieces counter
  • Web break and end-of-roll alarms

Optional Accessories:

ALTECH can integrate the ALstep applicator with the following devices to solve specific labelling problems:

  • Hot marker
  • Thermal transfer printer (ALstep T model)
  • Pneumatic and air-blow applicators
  • Near end-of-roll monitoring
  • Encoder speed control
  • Sensor for transparent labels.


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