ALTech’s Top & Body Labeling System

ALTech’s Top & Body Labeling System


The Top & Body Labeling System is perfect for applying two labels onto glass jars. It applies various labels on top as a seal and around the body of the glass jar. The applicator can process more than 100 products/min.


ALTech Top & Body Labeling System
ALTech Top & Body Labeling System


The machine is an ALline which has been equipped with a dual timing screw. This allows the machine to solve the three main difficulties of this application.

The dual timing screw works as a(n)

  •  gapping unit (providing the correct distance between products)
  • aligner (the profile of the two screws “copy” the shape of the jar)
  • stabilizer during the application of the top label.

Top and Body Labeling – Etichettatura Sopra e Avvolgente

Uploaded by ALTECHsrl on 2016-11-17.



Video 3D Animation of Top & Body Labeling System

The label gets flagged onto the product and is then sustained by a vacuum pad during the travel to the wrap unit.


sample of top & body labeling


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