Anti-Packaging Movement Cannot Kill Labeling

Anti-Packaging Movement Cannot Kill Labeling

A Response to This NY Times Article on Anti-Packaging


EDIT: Check out this video of another anti-packaging grocery store and how they aim to make the world a little greener!


Is the removal of packaging a step in the right direction when considering an environmentally conscious future? Perhaps.


Might this way of shopping make consumers eat smarter? Perhaps.


Would these stores support local farmers? Perhaps


Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


Anti-Packaging Movement Cannot Kill Labeling


What can be done?

Regardless of the inevitability of the anti-packaging movement, it seems as though labeling products may still be helpful in providing the customers with nutritional information, brand identifiers and expiration dates, if applicable. With so much development in biodegradable packaging, it seems as though these markets could benefit from further from these innovations. It also seems as though there is use of disposable plastic gloves at these markets to prevent spread of germs, which may not fully suit the environmentally conscious ideals.


No matter the developments, considerations made to reducing waste can’t be a bad thing. If this trend were to continue, consider that label and packaging companies would also shift to support this way of shopping. There are already edible labels, compostable packaging and labels that dissolve in water.  It’s unlikely this industry will falter when we can merely use current innovations to support the sales of these products and inform customers just as well as we always have.


With a little ingenuity, the labeling and packaging industry won’t fade into the sunset, we will merely evolve.


Perhaps you’ll begin to see more packaging you can eat.


Perhaps you’ll begin to see more labels that dissolve as you rinse your fruit and vegetables


Water Dissolvable Label

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Or, perhaps you’ll see more packaging you can compost to make this Earth a little bit greener.


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