One of our label customers has created a new YouTube video giving a virtual tour of their entire facility! It showcases the picking of the apples to making the cider, beverage label application, and all the way to the loading and distribution of the final product!

Within the video of their facility, we see the beverage label application of the beverage labels we supply for them!

Our beverage label stock allows us to create labels that withstand damp environments, cold temps, & high-speed applications.

Want to see the full video of Riveridge Cider Co’s virtual facility tour? Check it out on their YouTube channel! 🍎🍏

Beverage Labeling Tips

protect beverage label

Protect It: UV coating and laminates ensure that your label will look great regardless of the environment. We can help you choose the right topcoat for your label.


Get Noticed: Make sure your product stands out from the pack with vibrant colors and unrivaled artwork reproduction. We carry a wide assortment of custom inks and coatings to help you achieve your desired look.

beverage label shape

Shape It: Be true to your brand and enhance your label’s appeal with custom shapes. Great Lakes Label is able to custom match any shape for your label.

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