Black is The New Black in Packaging Design

Black is The New Black in Packaging Design

This article from Brand Packaging suggests that black is making a comeback as a prominent color choice in packaging design. With Halloween quickly approaching, this trend is growing just in time for businesses to take advantage of striking looks in promotional labeling. Looking to incorporate this new scheme into your standard product line? Here are our tips for finding label design success.

Chateau Du Parc Wine Label with bronze foiling and black embossing
Chateau Du Parc Wine Label

Don’t Go Overboard If It Doesn’t Fit Your Brand

We’ve previously looked at how light packaging is ideal for health food products. So, if your brand success relies on your established color scheme, avoid switching it out for darker tones. Instead, incorporate darker colors on a secondary label, such as around the bottle neck. Or, incorporate a new image where the black only serves to make the bright colors pop. Keep it subtle.


Take Advantage of Innovative Labeling Techniques

If your product is able to take advantage of the trend, such as the above wine label, innovative techniques will take it to the next level. As seen above, simply adding embossing over your black label creates sensory interest that will entice customers into picking up your product. Once the product is in their hands, they will be more likely to buy it as well. Accenting with bronze, silver or gold foiling is a classic way to create a luxurious look.


Mixing Matte Black With Glossy Black

Are you creating a single color label? Mixing matte with glossy (or a tactile screen) is a fantastic way for your label to remain legible. The two textures contrast each other so much in the light that it creates a compelling aesthetic. This technique can often be found in beauty product packaging design. It’s simple but elegant.


Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your spooky design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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