Bold & Simple Labels

Draw your audience in using simple & bold labels.

Sometimes straight and to the point is all you need, rather than a long story.

Bold & Clear:

Bold block letters on clear film are sure to grab your consumers’ attention. Here, Malamiah Juice Bar kept it simple and used clear packaging so that their buyer could easily see the product itself.

Malamiah Juice Bar Juice Labels - Great Lakes Label LLC
Malamiah Juice Bar Labels

Simple & Bright:

These beer can labels are simple and bright. With the brand name across the top, the consumer can immediately recognize who’s beer it is. Then the bright colorful mountain & sunset-like image draws attention to the can, even though it is pretty simple.

bright and simple labels by Caravelle. Bright beer labels
Beer Can Labels – Caravelle

Bold & Dark:

This wine label we have created is bold & dark – and even uses some more advanced labeling techniques, but it is still simple. It’s all-black background, with only gold accents and the use of embossing (raised technique), keeps this bold, dark, and simple gaining the consumer’s attention.

label by chatuea du Parc. Dark & bold colors
Château Du Parc Bordeaux Wine Label

Dark & Bright:

This label keeps it simple overall. The dark bottle and bright colored label contrast one another to give an eye-grabbing appeal on the shelf. It makes you want to pick it up and read the print at the bottom of the label.

La Sera Wine labels designed by Gustav Karlsson
La Sera Wine by Gustav Karlsson

Bright & Shiny:

We used a metallic wine stock to create the shine on this label. It creates an eye-catching label & stays easy on the eye with only one color for the rest of the label’s design.

Plot 88 wine labels - wine traders - great lakes label, bold & simple
Plot #88 Bordeaux Wine Label

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