At Great Lakes Label, we produce labels for a wide variety of different industries. They include food, beverage, industrial products, household products & cleaners, health & beauty products, warning labels, and more! One type of packaging label that is becoming more popular is clamshell labels!

We are seeing these clamshell labels more and more in the food industry, especially with produce. This is because this clear packaging allows the consumer to see the product itself. They can feel safe about it being packaged, but with these types of food items, the consumer prefers to assess the food itself, and choose which one looks best to them. The clamshell packaging permits this and gives room for new, helpful labeling techniques.

These techniques include transparent labels & 2-sided labels. We also share other great tips on what you should put on your produce label!


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Shenandoah double sided clamshell label - Great Lakes Label

3 Clever Ways to Use Clamshell Labels to Your Advantage:

Transparent Film:

guava transparent clamshell labels

Use a clear label on your clamshell to showcase your product through the packaging! 


Use 2-Sided Labels:

clamshell labels 2-sided

With 2-sided labels, you can display your product label on the front, while sharing a recipe, cooking instructions, or more information on the inside.


Produce Design Tips:


Featuring another product (such as the carrot noodles) on the zucchini noodles packaging will help peak interest & push sales on additional products.

See the interview with CEO, Tony Cook, talking about produce labels and how to escalate sales here.

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