Facts about Cold Foil:

  • must run at slower speeds due to curing
  • accurate with color specificity
  •  the foil is a one time use
  • must purchase foil and adhesive for process
  • brilliant shine

Behind the Scenes – How it Works:

Learn more about this technique!

close up of gold cold foil technique

Cold Foil is a popular printing technique that is used to add metallic shine to your labels! Use this eye-catching technique to draw attention to your product on the shelf.

This process is cost-effective, works with printing many shapes & sizes, and has a wide variety of colors available.

how cold foil works

Above, you can see a diagram of printing on a press using the cold foil technique. The foil is wound through the press and then transferred onto the surface of the label substrate using printing plates & a UV lamp.

First, the image is printed onto the material with the use of a UV curable cold foil adhesive, and the UV dyer cures the adhesive to the label and the excess foil is removed. The surface can be over-laminated or encapsulated afterward, which creates a durable surface.

foil wound on press

The Final Product Revealed:

cold foil finished product up close
Here you can see the cut-out & excess foil, as well as the foil cured onto the finished label


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