Cold foil is a technique that creates a shiny effect to any label surface and is different from Hot Stamp and MiraFoil. Use this technique in a variety of ways and with a wide range of other techniques.

We’ve previously looked at how the following techniques can create dynamic labels:


The ogden Goose Island beer label - Great Lakes Label

Cold Foil on Text

This technique is a sophisticated way to enhance any label. With luxury packaging on the rise, this technique is an effective way to create a luxurious look. Foils are often used on wine, beer and spirits labels. It can also be effective look for beauty products in implying sophistication and luxury.


Great Lakes Label foiled butterflies

Enhance Motifs

Use cold foiling on various elements of your label. As you can see by the above butterfly example, it can add a touch of whimsy to your design. If you are looking to draw attention to your packaging, it doesn’t have to come from the title. Enhancing other elements draws attention to the label as a whole.


Shipwreck wine label - Great Lakes Label


Use In Combination With Other Techniques

Use cold foil in combination with other techniques. In the Shipwreck design, seen above, it is paired with tactile coating over the tentacles.


Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label


Here, on The Brewhouse beer label, it pairs nicely with MotionCoat, on the background, and grit coat, over the stem of the pumpkin.


swarm beer label - Great Lakes Label

And here, on the Swarm beer label, the foiling over the bees’ wings, and the background creates a bold look. Paired with tactile coating over the title, the design as a whole creates the impression of a hive.


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