(Haptic labeling engages customers’ senses with tactile labeling techniques and other labeling techniques).

On page 41 of this issue of Brand Packaging, it explores the emotional connection customers have with haptic packaging. Studies show that your environment and the objects within your environment impact your emotional responses. That’s why, with successful packaging design, you can also connect emotionally with your customers on a positive level using innovative labeling techniques.


Peony hand soap label designed by Great Lakes Label with MiraFoil

Great Lakes Label R&D Label

Create Positive Associations With Realistic Haptic Labels

It has been shown that when given a cup of coffee, a person will have warmer feelings about the person or situation.  So, what happens when you engage with customers on a sensory level in other ways? The label above uses a MiraFoil peony.  Seeing the glistening peony makes it more likely for customers to associate the image with spring flowers glistening with morning dew drops. Also known as a positive memory.

Create realistic flower petals with Soft Touch or a shiny, wet apple because of Tactile Screen. By creating a realistic coating, customers will also be brought back to a delightful moment in their memory. When you’re looking to create a positive and engaging experience, these innovative labeling techniques are key.

Positive Associations With Touch

On top of the realistic nature of connecting to a customers’ memories, interesting textures also peak interest on a less mentally invasive level. The embossing on the above level, paired with bronze foiling, implies a luxurious product. Customers delight in engaging with intricate, tactile design.


Chateau Du Parc haptic wine label with bronze foiling

Chateau Du Parc wine label


Alternatively, incorporating Braille using tactile coating or embossing, you create an inclusive design. Instead of working with the design, using Braille to sit on top of, or over the design makes the content work for all shoppers. In this instance, you delight customers who read it.


Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your spooky design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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