Create A Consistent Brand Voice on Labels

Create A Consistent Brand Voice on Labels

A brand voice consists of the tone, language, and messages used online and off. This is one part of the larger picture for your brand and even your label design. So, set aside color schemes, innovative labeling techniques, and product photography for now. We’re solely focused on communication.

inconsistent brand voice on website, social media and label - stout beer bottle label sampleAn Inconsistent Brand Voice Negatively Impacts Business

Imagine a brand uses casual and colloquial language on social media, a formal and minimalistic language on the label, then lengthy and overly-descriptive language on their website. It would be confusing. As though a completely different person wrote for each source. Or, as though the business is fluid and unfocused. It works against the brand, implying a lack of direction for their values and sense of identity.


Quick, Simple Ways To Ensure Consistency

Create a brand rulebook or guideline. Make it clear and distinct. Maybe you’re a down-to-earth craft beer company using wordplay, colloquialisms and is fast and loose with adverbs. Or, maybe you’re a pharmaceutical brand and to ensure customer confidence, only professional and to-the-point language is used. You can see how the two examples shouldn’t mix. Ultimately these rules impact and work together with imagery, reinforcing the brand with visual components.


Keywords Create Focus

Don’t know where to start? Consider the keywords that reflect your brand and focus your writing on them. On social media, these keywords work double duty as hashtags If you’re a yarn and craft brand, your keywords will likely be words like, “yarn,” “craft,” “knitting,” and “crochet.” So, a casual, gentle, and personal tone naturally emerge. Then, ensure those hashtags consistently show up on your labels, website pages, and social media posts. It’s a subtle, simple and impactful way to create consistency.


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