Don’t forget that Great Lakes Label, LLC is the authorized distributor and installer for:

CTM Labeling Systems
Universal Labeling Systems
– ALtech Labeling Technologies.
– and our own horticulture-specific brand, The Label Gator
Each machine offers speed, versatility, and dependability with our experts available to help you find the correct one for you!

The Added Value

Take advantage of the benefits. We provide guaranteed support and service on all of our label applicators. Not sure which applicator is right for you? Great Lakes Label is able to find the best fit for your operation. We offer the most up-to-date line of products from leading applicator manufacturers.

Service Request

Already own an applicator or printer and in need of service? Contact us or fill out the online service request form & we will contact you as soon as possible!

In an effort to maintain unparalleled quality standards, every facet of CTM’s manufacturing needs is housed under one roof. Manufactured in the Heartland of America, exceptional expertise and craftsmanship at every level forge the finest labeling machines available on the market.

CTM 360a Series Label Applicator

Quality choices lie behind every ALTech labeling machine, but they go well beyond Italian and international safety and production regulations. Each labeling machine has been designed, when possible, to be modular and expandable.

ALTech ALritma apply only

Manufacturer of standard and custom pressure-sensitive labeling machinery. Labeling machinery types include semi-automatic (table-top), automatic (in-line), and print and apply labeling equipment.

CP 1000

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