Customer Spotlight: Del Monte

Customer Spotlight: Del Monte

Del Monte not only offers fresh, healthy snacks but also works hard to provide added value to customers through recipes.  Their brand’s primary value is to offer healthy, easy alternatives. As a result, everything they do stands apart from their competition.

Del Monte Vegetable NoodlesHere’s Why Del Monte Excels at Showcasing Their Products Through Label and Packaging Design

First, Del Monte uses packaging that shows off the produce. The product photography is bright and vibrant. It also shows the fruits and vegetables in tasty recipes on occasion. So, the powerful imagery inspires shoppers to make a healthy snack choice. The fact that their noodle packaging uses a clamshell container to display the noodles is a testament to that. The labels make the noodles the focus, even though they don’t take up much room. The vibrant colors and interesting plating do that on their own.

Del Monte

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They also create packaging with versatility and practicality in mind. Their fruit and oats containers, like many other of their containers, are ideal to bring to work. However, these containers are also microwavable, making it easy for shoppers to throw the product into their lunch bag, heat it up at lunch, and recycle afterward. So, it not only considers ease of use but other values their customers hold dear such as sustainable alternatives. Del Monte is a prime example of how brands can infuse core values into everything they do while also maintaining customer satisfaction and maintain an established brand aesthetic. They’re willing to try new ideas and find fantastic new ways to innovate the food industry. While the packaging may not immediately seem like an important part of the process, it impacts so much of the customers’ experience, like the ease of heating up their food.


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