Customer Spotlight: Premium Guava

Customer Spotlight: Premium Guava

Premium Guava is a produce company with a focus on quality products and going above and beyond to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This can be seen on their website where they offer a plethora of video content and recipes. They help their customers learn more about their product and new ways to incorporate it into their diet.

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They are the largest grower, packer, and exporter in the country. Even in the orchards, they use equipment to generate a better and more efficient process when growing their guavas. As they say in their video below, “quality and service you can rely on every day.”

We are Growers – Premium Guava

Short video to show you where everything begins.


Seeking The Best Labeling Applicators

How a brand presents themselves in their packaging says a lot. Premium Guava was seeking flawless label application. On the right, you’ll see air pockets and an uneven application that some systems provide. On the left, our ALTech label applicator system provides a smooth and air pocket-free application. It also highlights the company as one that cares about their products. Professionalism in packaging goes a long way.

Labeled Premium Guava clamshell containers 10

The design of the label is also fantastic. The use of transparent stock allows customers to see their product, while the dark navy contrasts it brilliantly. It’s a simple, but extremely effective design. Minimalism is also a long-running trend, so the transparency creates a simplistic, yet engaging look.

Guava Package Labeler

Uploaded by Great Lakes Label, LLC on 2016-07-28.

Learning more about what Great Lakes Label offers, or how to incorporate these techniques into your label design. Get label samples to see these techniques in person!

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