Customer Spotlight: President’s Choice

Customer Spotlight: President’s Choice

President’s Choice is a Canadian food brand which aims to offer customers quality products they can count on. The vibrant labels for these veggie noodles not only highlight the tasty ways they can be used, but also compliment the colors of the product itself. It’s not just inspiring, it’s mouthwatering. So, these food labels are purely for the customers’ needs, not the brand’s ego.

All President's Choice Veggie Noodles by Great Lakes Label

President’s Choice Sees Food’s Larger Impact

Food has the power to bring people together. The #EatTogether campaign makes their product more than tasty treats, but a reason to connect. Even this International Food Day video shows customers that they care about creating products everyone can enjoy. Diversity is, after all, part of what makes Canada great.

International Food Day

Explore the meaning and importance of eating together through the eyes of a child in a classroom.

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