Customers’ Food Labeling Preferences

Customers’ Food Labeling Preferences

Packaging Digest recently released an article regarding the food labeling preferences of grocery store customers. Check out the below infographic created to highlight some of their key insights. You might be surprised by what you find!


food labeling infographic
Infographic created by Great Lakes Label, using information from Packaging Digest


Mentioned in Food Labeling Infographic:

  • “Less than 50% indicated that they usually read the label information.”
  • “70% of grocery shoppers look for ingredients.”
  • “Less than 1/3 of Millennials say nutritional facts influence purchase.”
  • “Generationally, younger shoppers are much less likely than older ones to rely on ingredients lists. Instead, they seek the assurance of product descriptors, such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic.'”
  • Brands that resonate with Millennials are often those that incorporate values into their corporate identity. Such a response is an indication that story may play a larger role in food sales moving forward, especially with this demographic.”
  • “Less than 50% of Millennials find Nutrition Facts panels informative”
  • 25% of shoppers find nutritional panels easy to understand”


What This Means For Your Design

Regardless of what customers want, your design must align with very particular regulations and guidelines. How can these statistics be used to better suit your brand? Well, to start, eliminate stats that follow demographics outside of the one you are targeting.  This may or may not be applicable to you.

Then, look at what you can change versus what needs to be included on your packaging. Just because Millennials don’t find Nutrition Facts informative doesn’t mean you can transform that aspect of your label. Instead, examine what they DO connect with and deliver that information in a visually compelling way.

If only 25% of shoppers find Nutrition Facts easy to understand, what can you do to emphasize key points to help sell your product? Use strong images to further your nutritional information. You can also re-iterate important nutritional information elsewhere on the label to draw attention to key details.


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