Should Customers Vote on Label Design Changes?

Should Customers Vote on Label Design Changes?

Really, should customers vote on label design changes? On the one hand, it muddies the waters internally. Suddenly, what you’ve been working toward for your brand isn’t advantageous. On the other hand, it gives you direct insight into your customers. They are the ones buying your product after all. Shouldn’t they have a say in what they want to see?

Customers Vote Using A/B Testing

In a previous blog, we talked about the benefits of A/B testing. This is the process of putting two different designs for the same product in front of your customers to see which item gets more sales. The design that makes more money wins and should be used moving forward.

digitally printed wine labels for a/b testing or customers vote by Great Lakes Label

A/B testing works as voting. Your customers won’t realize this is what they’re doing and will give unbiased, specific feedback because of it. The only problem is that you won’t give feedback on what it is they preferred. Take the above image for example. If the right label made more sales than the left, you won’t know if it’s because of the label color, image or name. Testing one item at a time is ideal.

Another con is that if you take the direction of testing one item at a time, you waste valuable time and effort with testing. This works for a flagship store where testing happens on a display level, but it’s not ideal for the small business owner. Instead, direct feedback in one session for some brands.

Take Direct Feedback With A Grain of Salt

In the case of receiving direct feedback in the form of comments, consider that you won’t apply all suggestions. Everyone has a different opinion on what is aesthetically pleasing or helpful to include on a label. You won’t satisfy every single suggestion when customers vote. Instead, you can gain valuable insight on what they are looking for overall. Take the pulse of your demographic and work on a design that will delight them in-store and provide them with helpful content once they’ve brought the item home.

If you consistently receive comments saying that the product is difficult to use, or that there needs to be more instructions included in the packaging, use a booklet-style label. This label opens up providing you two more pages to provide instructions for your customers. Provide simple graphics that walk through the customer on the outside label. Or, link to a video tutorial using labeling technology or a simple QR code.


Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers. Now that you’ve learned the design basics, take your vision to the next level. Download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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