Designing Labels For Kids’ Products

Designing Labels For Kids’ Products

This BrandPackaging article discusses the fine points of designing labels for kids. So, when designing for kids, find ways to express that through your choices. After all, what excites kids is different than teens, and adults.

Mooville Label by Great Lakes Label - example of designing labels for kids in mindDesigning Labels With Both Kids and Parents in Mind

Kids and adults want different things out of a label. However, if you have a wide demographic, strike a balance to cast a wide net. As seen above, Moo-Ville does this brilliantly with their use of color, character graphics, and informative copy.


The type of images you use to communicate a lot. Cartoon characters often denote a younger demographic is in mind for the product. Realistic imagery often communicates a more adult approach. That said, pastels and neons say two different things. So does a pencil drawing and a big bubbly character.

Label Copy

Often, kids will read fun copy like jokes, or links to apps. So, use labeling technology to offer more value for kids. Adults instead look for nutritional information or other details that communicate health value. Regardless of if the product is targeting adults, that information is crucial. When parents shop for their kids, that’s what they’ll be hoping to see. Again, strike a balance between child and adult oriented.

Demographic Age Matters

What’s appropriate and exciting for young children appears to be immature for teenagers. Consider which age group you’re targeting. Looking for kids of all ages to enjoy your product? Conduct A/B testing to find an appropriate middle ground. Or, release promotional versions of the same product with different app links, copy, and graphic design. Appeal to both groups using the same product and different labels.

Learn more about how we can bring your wildest label design concepts and durability requirements to life. While techniques are important and exciting, there’s so much more to your label. Download our Label Project Guide e-book.


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