E-Commerce Negates Sustainability

E-Commerce Negates Sustainability

This food manufacturing article on the impacts of the growth of e-commerce details how it also negates sustainability. This doesn’t mean that the convenience of e-commerce needs to be halted completely. There are ways to rework your approach to create a more environmentally friendly process. Here are our solutions to this very important problem.

Packaging at garbage dump which negates sustainability

Lower The Rate of Returns

According to the article mentioned above, e-commerce return rates are 10-20% higher than in-store retail rates. Cutting down this percentage will go a long way to increase sustainability.  In order to lower those rates, consumers need more information before their purchase.

N Show 3D Virtual Dressing RoomVirtual Fitting Room

For more information, please contact [email protected], skype:MichelleChan121 or visit our website Through N-show Virtual Dressing Room, shoppers can : -Virtually try on a single article of clothing or a whole outfit with accessories in photo-realistic 3D at lighting speed and ease.

Virtual change rooms have recently started gaining traction, but can this concept be accessible to the shopper through their phone or home computer? By creating apps like Sephora’s that allow customers to try on products using their camera or webcam, they have a better sense of how it will look on them before they add it to their cart.

Alternatively, reviews, uboxing videos, and a plethora of images and videos are helpful for customers to get a better sense of what they are looking at. Make customer-generated content easy to access from the product page, good and bad. If bad reviews are included, simply discuss what you have done to overcome this issue. Be clear and transparent.

Unnecessary Packaging

Another major concern is that products are packaged in boxes that are too big. Or, that there is too much packaging on the product, to begin with. Every mascara user has wondered why their tube comes it’s own box at some point in their life. This also comes back around to accessibility. The easier you make your

This also comes back around to accessibility. The easier you make your product to open, the more people you’re targeting, and the more customers will be able to easily access your product. Be an inclusive designer.


Use of Sustainable Materials Negates Waste

Create your designs with sustainable materials in mind. Be sure to use recycled labeling stocks whenever possible and consider environmentally friendly alternatives at every stage.  Learn more about Great Lakes Label’s sustainable stocks.


Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your spooky design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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