What Does Edible Packaging Mean For Labeling?

What Does Edible Packaging Mean For Labeling?

We previously discussed what might happen if anti-packaging becomes more popular. One of the things mentioned is that packaging and labeling materials would evolve into more environmentally friendly materials such as edible materials. Soon we may be living in a world where you can eat the product and its packaging.

The USDA is creating an edible milk based packaging material.

Edible Milk Protiein Based Packaging

Milk proteins make up this material. It will be biodegradable, sustainable and be better at preserving food. It is even 500x better at keeping oxygen out! This means your produce will last longer and taste fresher. 


Developments could lead to individually wrapped pouches of coffee that easily dissolve in water. It may also be developed into a spray for cereal to keep it crunchy without using the high in sugar formula we use currently.


However, will it still require supplementary packaging to ensure the edible film is sanitary? There are, however, many packages that already have this two layered system that could benefit from this milk based advancement. It could be as simple as adding a label warning about eating this type of packaging. Otherwise, the inclusion of an edible label could be a convenient step if used inside another package.


This may not be the end all and be all of green packaging, but this innovation is a big step in the right direction. In fact, even if the anti-packaging movement becomes the standard, plastic gloves are still required to handle products. Developing materials like this could eliminate the need for plastics in all grocery stores. Balance between health safety, green innovations and customer convenience are key in the development of new materials.


See the below YouTube video for more information on this milk protein based film.

Edible, Biodegradable Food Packaging – Headline Science

Most foods come wrapped in plastic packaging. This type of packaging creates a lot of waste and aren’t that great at preventing spoilage. Researchers are now developing a biodegradable film made from milk proteins to hopefully solve these problems. ACS Headline Science: Executive Producer: Adam Dylewski Video Producer: Kyle Nackers Subscribe!

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