Local distillery, Coppercraft Distillery, stands out from the crowd with its embossed label:

embossing stand out

Embossing is a technique in which raised words or designs are created. Embossed labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label with a raised effect in the end. To create this effect, a custom die is used with high pressure, resulting in depth and texture on your substrate.

Different label materials, such as paper or film can be used. It is also very popular to use this technique in combination with a foil, to create a high-class look.

Below, are a few images that show the embossing technique by itself, while some show it in combination with foiling.

Embossed paper label
sensory significance label embossing technique with foil
embossed label with foil
raised embossing words with foil
embossed technique raised black on paper

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