Are Exercise Logos on Food Labels Our Future?

Are Exercise Logos on Food Labels Our Future?

Officials from Britain’s Royal Society of Public Health are considering the idea of adding logos to food to specify how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories from eating the product. The images may vary from running to biking to swimming, but the message is the same. The goal is to empower customers and to assist health-conscious consumption.


Examples of exercise logos for food labels
Examples of Exercise Logos for Food Labels


Why do Exercise Logos Matter?

Exercise generally counts for 20% of health improvement. However, food counts for typically 80%. This indicates the logos are a step in the right direction in getting customers to decrease spending on processed foods. These labels are based on the numbers if a 170 lb man, so the amount of exercise needed would actually differ from person to person. An elderly person requires different amounts and types of exercises than a young, fit person.


It’s also been shown that calorie counts in fast food restaurants do not deter customers from ordering unhealthy food. Would this addition to pressure sensitive labels get people thinking more about what they consume or would it become one more piece of information to ignore?


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