Over on Label Gator’s website, I explored the opportunity tri-panel labels hold for horticultural brands. In this blog, we’ll be looking at how this technique can have a major impact on other industries. It can open doors for smart labeling and redesigns for new labeling requirements.


All Label Gator booklet stlye labels printed by Great Lakes Label 6Tri-Panel Labels Expand Your Scope

The size of the packaging will always limit the labeling space opportunities. That’s why adding extra pages can open up a world of opportunity. It allows you to focus on creating an eye-catching design that flows well and isn’t overwhelmed with information. It also offers potential customers a way to engage with your packaging and understand the product more thoroughly before they buy it.


Coffee tri-panel label by Great Lakes Label

Consider Your Customer

Smart packaging is all about incorporating helpful content and information for your customer. It creates an interactive experience as they are using your product and provides a personal touch. By incorporating a QR code to a video tutorial, or a link to an app which helps them use the product, you are providing endless value for them. Provide helpful information such as miniature user walkthrough graphics. It still makes a world of difference if your brand isn’t ready to invest in creating a tutorial or app.


Shenandoah double sided label - Great Lakes Label

Get Your Message Out There

Now that you have an extra page, you can fill it up with all the crucial information that is important to your brand. Recyclability, social media icons, or a miniature user guide can all help you communicate with precision. Extra pages can showcase companion products, or double as an instant redeemable coupon (or IRC). While you are getting more area, it has as much value as the cover of your label. Ensure a positive customer experience with engaging content.


Take your inspiration to the next level and incorporate a tri-panel label into your packaging design. So, download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Solutions.

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