An extended content label is a label that is printed to have two or more panels. They can then be opened up to reveal more information.

This print design gives you extra room to work with, without taking up that space on your packaging or container. A few popular ways this technique is used to optimize space are with household products, cleaning products, and horticulture labels. You often see a household product use this type of label. They do so to add space since they need to include warnings, ingredients, use instructions, and still have room to provide their branding, logo, and product name on the front! This type of label allows for this.

diagram of extended content cleaning label

Below, you can see how this label looks when printing on the press. It is wound & woven to allow all layers of the label to be printed on and adhered to one another.

printing press showing tri-panel label being printed
Here’s a sneak peek of what the press looks like when we print extended content labels (also known as “tri-panel” labels).

The process of printing on a tri-panel (extended content) label consists of:

  • “Front Inside Panel” is printed on
  • Deadener is applied to it
  • It is then flipped over by the turn bar
  • Adhered to the next roll of stock that has been printed on (“Back Inside Panel”)
  • The final “Front Outside Panel” image is printed
extended content tropic escape plant label
Image showing which panel is which

This technique can be printed in a variety of label sizes, as well as in color. We print labels from .9375 inches by 2.125 inches up to large extended content labels for bottles of cleaning products or even large pots.

.9375 inch by 2.125 inch extended content label
.9375 inch by 2.125 inch label

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