Femininity Emerges As Trend In Packaging Design

Femininity Emerges As Trend In Packaging Design

Femininity is projected to be a growing packaging trend in 2018. This tone underlines the growth of pastels, the smoothing of harsh design lines, and fading out of gendered product lines. Femininity is also complex. One person’s image won’t match the next. Complexity is a key attribute to consider when designing your next label. Clichés aren’t cute.


Diamond Wipes Label by Great Lakes Label - femininity of millennial pink resealable label

Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink is a light rosy color which rose in popularity in 2012 and was dubbed Millennial Pink for its prominence with younger demographics by 2016.  While pink is the current color representative of women, it wasn’t always that way, and younger generations are taking note. This allows all genders to embrace the feminine within us all. It also translates to packaging and purchasing choices. Rosy pinks are more commonly being seen as a generational color instead of a gendered color.


Pastels Are On-Trend for Label Design

When Rose Quartz and Serenity were dubbed Pantone’s Colors of the year for 2016, it cemented pastels as on trend. Now, they remain a popular color scheme for brands of all industries. Naturally, the beauty industry uses pastels most and often to evoke a sense of calm. It’s not a packaging design choice that is going away anytime soon.

Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes LabelSoft Lines Conquer Harsh Shapes

We’re seeing harsh lines and shapes taken over by soft lines and shapes. Take a look at the above Peony label which uses MiraFoil to define intricate curving lines of the Peony. Even with the growing prominence of doodles on labels, the soft unpolished nature of the motif shines through.


Fading Out of Gendered Product Lines

Younger generations are blurring the lines when it comes to products allocated by gender, thanks to the pink tax. Instead, younger generations focus on saving money over adhering to gender roles. You may have seen laughable images for “men’s cotton buds,” or “women’s facial tissue.” You may have also noticed that over the past few years, gendered products like these are seen much less frequently. This not a coincidence. It’s also not likely to return unless to counter social norms.

Consider The Complexity of Femininity

Again,clichés aren’t cute. Brands that embrace the diversity of their client base are creating viral videos, powerful imagery, and positive associations. By focussing on enhancing and highlighting the product’s capabilities, you create a more compelling design. Look again at the Peony label. Yes, the pink and soft lines are traditionally feminine. Also, consider how the pink compliments the orange color of the product. Consider the beauty and complexity of the flower motif, and how it reflects the beauty and complexity of the product’s scent. While the feminine is there, it also reflects the appeal of the hand soap.


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