For this upcoming year – 2020, many label design trends are already being predicted. Most include new ways to make your brand stand out in the crowd. 

These predictions, for the trends of 2020, include:

Transformative Labels – 

This means labels that have designs on them that transform from one photo and morph into another image. This could also mean that different techniques are used to create texture, or create a shine such as from the use of foil, or embossing. These artistic techniques will help your label and packaging make a statement. 

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Minimalism or Maximalism –

These two are distinct opposites. On one hand, a label with a minimalist design is one that is simple, and straight to the point, with no clutter. This has been hot on labels lately, as it draws the consumers attention, due to the fact it’s quick and easy to find the information you’re looking for. The plain and open design catches one’s eye among the many other labels on the shelf. 

2020 trends labeling trends, simple, minimalist

A label and package displaying maximalism is one with a very detail-heavy design. This grabs the consumer’s attention in the opposite way. It draws one’s eye to it, to pick it up and look more closely at what is going on on the package. If this is done correctly, it can add a luxurious, and intense feel to the packaging, which is how you want to execute this, instead of just making it seem like a cluttered, poorly made design. 

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Retro-Futuristic Design –

This is a newer and upcoming type of design. We have seen retro designs make a comeback. They are nostalgic and remind consumers of older labels, and the good ole’ days. We have also seen futuristic techniques become a big hit with brands and consumers. This retro-futuristic design is a new combination of the two, the past and the future. It is bound to grab the attention of all consumers, as it will be a new and different look on the shelf compared to other labels and packages. 

retro-futuristic, label, design

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable –

Every year we see companies and consumers both pushing to become more environmentally friendly. Brands will be striving to use more sustainable labels and packaging. 

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Transparency –

Consumers like their brands to be transparent with them, such as telling them the truth and being honest with them. The consumers are also drawn to transparent labels this year. Brands using clear labels and packaging allows the consumer to see the food or beverage through it, adding trust, and ensuring there will be no unwanted surprises. This also has a sleek look to it. 

2020 labeling trends, transparency, clear, see through

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