Get Inspired: Artistic Design in Labeling

Get Inspired: Artistic Design in Labeling

To celebrate this month’s ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI, we’re taking a look at artistic design in labeling. These are labels that incorporate art in a unique way. A label can be both functional and beautiful.


Rare Barrel - A Sour Beer Co. using abstract artistic design by Mackenzie Freemire
Rare Barrel – A Sour Beer Co. Designed By Mackenzie Freemire

Rare Barrel, A Sour Beer Co. Label Designed By Mackenzie Freemire

Speaking of ArtPrize, this beer label by Freemire is reminiscent of the below poster design for ArtPrize 2016.


We’re thrilled to reveal the #ArtPrize8 poster design, presented in partnership with the incredible team at Conduit Studio. We were inspired by the creative tension that exists within the fabric of…

The simplicity and open white space of the design allow for the patterns to take center stage. Primarily white color schemes and abstract art aren’t often seen on beer labels. Freemire’s work creates a stark difference when sitting on the grocery store shelf. It’s also a perfect example of how color and smart design impact customer engagement.


Vela Acesa single color label designed by Elizabeth N Susanto
Vela Acesa label design by Elizabeth N Susanto

Vela Acesa Luxury Candle Label Designed By Elizabeth N Susanto

Fittingly enough, the all black aesthetic creates a luxury look for this luxury product. The information displayed uses a glossy, tactile coating over the thick, matte stock. Since many brands opt for white packaging, this design pops off the shelf.


Medusa intricate olive oil label design by Amber Southall
Medusa Olive Oil Label Designed By Amber Southall

Medusa Olive Oil Label With Artistic Design By Amber Southall

Inspired by Medusa’s role in giving Greece an olive tree, this design blends ancient lore and vintage design with modern day packaging. The minimalistic look of the bottle label is not only a trendy choice but also a practical one. The art is the focal point, while the information on the product is included in a sophisticated looking tag. The intricate and carefully illustrated image of Medusa catches the eye since it differentiates itself from other olive oil labels.


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