Get Inspired: Bright Beer Labels

Get Inspired: Bright Beer Labels

It’s getting warmer and brighter out, making it so much more fun to grab a drink with a bright beer label design. Here are some examples of bold labels that will leave you craving a patio beer.



Red Horse Beer Designed By Melissa Gamo

The red horse motif is a literal interpretation of the title, adding bold reds and warm complimentary colors to this dark bottle. While the yellow hues are muted, it is still enough of a pop for this packaging to be eye-catching, yet traditional.


Fearless Tongue Design By Kat Manor

The illustration style of Fearless Tongue is certainly unique, but the lack of content makes this label design even more special. The fact that the characters stand alone on the front of this bottle, with minimal text, makes the bold yellows, pinks and reds stand out from the contents of the bottle.


Cloudy Sea Design By Taylor Lee

Lee ventured to design a label that created a distinct look and story for the Strong & Stout brand. Since a special ingredient reveals itself in the last few sips of this drink, that mystery became the major element to direct the design. This act of the discovery inspired the light and dark contrast of colors in particular.


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