Get Inspired: Candle Labels & Packaging

Get Inspired: Candle Labels & Packaging

Candle labels come in a variety of styles and can be used in various ways in packaging. Here are some labels that use various techniques to improve their packaging. These labels create an engaging experience for customers.


Bella Pella By Hamie Robitaille
Bella Pella By Hamie Robitaille

Bella Pella Candle & Spa Combo Label By Hamie Robitaille

The packaging for this candle and spa collection are made from recycled materials. The design was created in such a way as to stand apart from Lush. It provides a more cottage chic look with simple, down to earth style. The labels are predominantly white, and the lavender text not only matched the fragrance, but adds a pop of color. Simple design meets eco-friendly.


IUVO By Erin Albright
IUVO By Erin Albright

IUVO Aromatherapy Labels & Packaging Designed By Erin Albright


Although there is a lot going on in this example, the various ways this line uses font and color enhances the overall branding. The candle label itself may feature copper foiling on the title, which creates an elegant look and emphasizes the fluid nature of the flame. As a whole, the white label stands out against the black packaging. That being said, it still compliments the rest of the line well  by using font and spacing in a similar way.


Piquant Candle Labels By Rachelle Tan
Piquant By Rachelle Tan

Piquant Candle Labels & Packaging Designed By Rachelle Tan

These minimalist labels may not feature any color, but they do utilize embossing (not seen in photo above). This is a fantastic way to delight the senses in a sophisticated way. For example, on the “Summer Days” candle there are embossed trees and twigs. It further emphasizes the theme in a subtle way. This also allows for the potential color of the candle to be the main focus of the product once the packaging is opened.



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