Candy packaging is anything but child’s play. These mature designs are one of a kind concepts that will leave you drooling.


Rock Candy Packaging

Rock Candy Packaging


Rock Candy Packaging By Taylor Simpson

The geometric shape of this packaging is unlike any other. As shown above, it stacks really well, has unique designs which can differentiate each flavor apart and still keeps a cohesive theme. This design could even be applied to the package using pressure sensitive labels.


Sugarlove Labels & Packaging By Alaa Abuamra

Sugarlove Labels & Packaging


Sugarlove By Alaa Abuamra

These simple, blown up images have nothing to hide. Not only would these pouches be easy to spot a mile away, but they also present the contents of each pouch. The simple, bold font compliments the simplistic nature of the image on the label as well.


Arktika Ice Cream Packaging By Natasha Chuvinova

Arktika Ice Cream Packaging

Arktika Ice Cream Packaging By Natasha Chuvinova

Okay, so ice cream may not exactly count as candy, but considering the candy wrapper packaging, it fits this theme perfectly. The fresh pastels are an unexpected choice for this product but combined with the foil details, it creates an enticing package. The foiled labels are the perfect pairing to the light, bright pastels.


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