Get Inspired: Cartoons in Label Design

Get Inspired: Cartoons in Label Design

This week we’re taking a look at cartoons in label design. Cartoons are great for grown-up packaging also! Check out these examples of cartoons aimed at various demographics. No matter what product you are designing labels for, your package could incorporate hand-drawn characters.


Siren Craft Brew Design By Gerry Dwyer
Siren Craft Brew Label Design By Gerry Dwyer

Siren Craft Brew Design By Gerry Dwyer

These spooky beer labels are reminiscent of the Tim Burton art style. The living dead and monster characters definitely add to this tone. While these designs may be a little too spooky for children’s packaging, so it’s fitting that this style and chosen characters are applied to beer labels instead. Craft breweries in particular use illustration for labels which provide a comedic or personal touch.

Goya Mexi-Salsa Label Designed by Jimmy Stones
Goya Mexi-Salsa Label Designed by Jimmy Stones

Goya Mexi-Salsa Design by Jimmy Stones

These cute, personified beans are a fantastic mascot for salsa. The fact that there’s dialogue on the packaging is reminiscent of humorous newspaper cartoon strips.  With bright colors and fairly minimal design, these beans stand out. This could be a simple design that could be printed using the digital press, meaning variable data, like varying dialogue, could be applied.


Madhava Honey Jar Cartoons Design By Chloe Payne
Madhava Honey Jar Label Design By Chloe Payne

Madhava Honey Jar Design By Chloe Payne

Bears and honey go together like salt and pepper. The style of this cartoon bear, however, is bold and original. This characterization proves that you don’t need complex or layered cartoons to achieve eye-catching art. In fact, this style is even bolder due to the large patches of black. It’s an elegant and sweet style for an equally sweet product.


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