Get Inspired: Packaging Design Trends For 2017

Get Inspired: Packaging Design Trends For 2017

Looking ahead, here are our predictions on the top packaging design trends for 2017. Last month, we also took a look at the top 5 labeling innovations of 2016.


Example of Trends - Cosmedicine Designed by Established
Example of Trends – Cosmedicine Designed by Established

Packaging Inspired By Nature

Forest green is a color dominating the fashion industry right now, but this trend doesn’t singularly encompass earthy hues and natural textures. There is also a push to use environmentally friendly materials. Last year we looked at ways environmentally friendly design may impact packaging. It seems that this push for ethical design is not slowing down anytime soon.


As seen above, the golden brown label mimics the natural color trend.


High-End Appeal Design Trends

Foiling is a popular technique found on many labels, but the mixing of metallics is a trend that will grow in 2017. With it, other uses of techniques such as embossing or tactile coating will naturally grow along with it. Specialty stock will grow as well. With the environmental perspective mentioned above, so too will ethically-made paper rise.  Considering the luxury packaging market is increasing, this is no surprise.


As seen above, there is a metallic label with foiled text. There is also a mixing between the rose gold packaging and gold label.


Back to Basics

Minimalism has been trendy for some time now, and in 2017 it will only grow. Designers will begin to reduce visual clutter and they will also discontinue the use of vibrant colors. Metallics such as rose gold have risen in popularity, and it seems as though design will make those features the primary focus.


As seen above, there is a somewhat minimalist label.


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