Get Inspired: Festive Autumn Labels

Get Inspired: Festive Autumn Labels

Autumn labels are everywhere. Considering the recent Halloween promotional packaging, it’s time to find inspiration in the grocery store aisle. Here are some examples of designs that incorporate fall themes which you can also use to inspire your own label designs!

Bonafide ByAmy Nortman
Bonafide ByAmy Nortman

Bonafide Preserve Labels Designed ByAmy Nortman

The design reflects homemade baking and is reminiscent of something you would find in your grandmother’s pantry. The vibrant, warm colors also play into the traditional colors associated with the fall season. Even the flavors match those of pies served at a Thanksgiving meal.


Bad Seed Cider Autumn Labels Designed By Anne Flavin
Bad Seed By Anne Flavin

Bad Seed Cider Autumn Labels Designed By Anne Flavin

The spooky, skeletal design fits perfectly into the season, especially for Halloween. Cider is also a very trendy flavor for fall and the leaf motifs fit well into the design. Again, the colors used in the label design are on the warm side. What’s cool about these labels is the custom die cuts of the top of the skull. Having it pop out the top adds dimension.

Apple Packaging Designed by Linn Gustafsson
Apple Packaging by Linn Gustafsson

Apple Packaging Designed by Linn Gustafsson

The intricate cutouts of the packaging slip are subtle but interesting and tactile for customers. Despite the single color scheme, this packaging entices you to pick it up. The vibrancy of the apple is a stark contrast to the minimalism of the rest of the packaging.  This allows the viewer to quickly understand the contents inside.


As for the autumnal inspiration, this label uses fantastic colors that reflect the dark and dreary time of year. Like the previous design, it evokes a sense of Halloween or even Snow White.


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