Get Inspired: Health Label Design

Get Inspired: Health Label Design

A couple of months ago we looked at health label design and how lighter packaging influences the buyer. Today, we’re taking a more in-depth look at healthy products and their innovative packaging design to showcase how you can break the mold.


Shuddha Juice & Smoothie health Label Design By Ishita Jain
Shuddha Design By Ishita Jain


Shuddha Juice & Smoothie Health Label Design By Ishita Jain

The logo itself was designed to create a modern take on brush-stroke Hindi fonts. The clear, glass bottles are used to emphasize purity. This is a fitting evocation considering the pure titles of each flavor. While white font is used, the design allows for the product itself to take center stage. This breaks away from the standard of light-colored labels’ association with health brands. Instead, it embraces minimalism and transparency.


Andes Quinoa Packaging Designed By Michael Guite
Andes Quinoa Designed by Michael Guite


Andes Quinoa Packaging Designed By Michael Guite

The bright colors and mountainous landscape displayed on the label are reminiscent of the area that produces the quinoa. The stamp, the minimalistic label, and the hand-drawn feel are also emphasizing the hand produced aspect to this brand. While quinoa is a trendy health food, no packaging for the product is quite like this. The personal touches and the vibrant design make this packaging stand apart from its competition.


Soup Tonic Label Design By Avery Soh
Soup Tonic Designed By Avery Soh


Soup Tonic Label Design By Avery Soh

This rebrand concept designed for Chinese customers creates something unique. The soup packaging is reminiscent of smoothie packaging which creates a more convenient experience on the go. As vending machines gain popularity for product distribution, so does the popularity of vending machines selling hot products such as soup. That is why this concept is ideal for this market. Imagine if your workplace offered a bottle of soup, hot and ready to drink.


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