Get Inspired: Heat Resistance in Labeling

Get Inspired: Heat Resistance in Labeling

Is your product going to be sitting on or around a heat source? A label with heat resistance is going to be important for your packaging development. Today, get inspired by these innovative designs that withstand hot temperatures.

Gallo Parade Olive Oil Designed by Thiago Calza
Gallo Parade by Thiago Calza

Gallo Parade Olive Oil Designed by Thiago Calza

Olive oil is typically an item that sits around an oven for extended periods of time. Getting a label that can withstand the heat and humidity of that condition is valuable. Foiling and embossing would also enhance the label design. Plus the clear and opaque stocks would require the same resilience.


Hydro Herbs Heat Resistance Label Designed By Rachel Bachmeier
Hydro Herbs Designed By Rachel Bachmeier

Hydro Herbs Heat Resistance Label Designed By Rachel Bachmeier

As gardens move indoors, these jars would likely be sitting in someone’s kitchen or living room window. Not only do they have to withstand the heat of the sun beating down on them, but thrive through UV light. While customers could remove the label, they likely wouldn’t due to the fact that the plant is shown on the package. As they grow it, it makes it easier to differentiate them.


Hot Lava Spice Packaging Designed By Erica Buki
Hot Lava Designed By Erica Buki

Hot Lava Spice Label Designed By Erica Buki

Like olive oil, spice containers could spend a lot of time by the oven. While picking them up and moving them around, the labels need to stay in place. These labels are minimalistic on every side letting the product stand out. A label slipping off the bottle goes against that branding. Whether it’s the heat or humidity of cooking, these labels need to withstand it all.


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