Holiday design isn’t a practical use for year-round packaging, but it makes for delightful promotional labels. We’re taking a look at some ways it can be incorporated into your product line with new packaging or as an addition. Make it easy for your customers to envision your product as a gift this holiday season.

Togetherlist holiday design by Wan Jan Lee

Togetherlist by Wan Jan Lee

Togetherlist Holiday Design By Wan Jan Lee

This product rejuvenates relationships, giving them ideas of things they can do together. Although the target demographic is adults in romantic relationships, creator Wan Jan Lee says that best friends can also try this kit together. It’s a compact product with a lot to offer.


The packaging isn’t inherently holiday-oriented. That said, the red details and tag make it an ideal gift for holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day which fit with this concept. Need a pre-wrapped, ready-to-go gift? Look no further.


Dzielić Wódka label and packaging designed by Morgan Glisczinski

Dzielić Wódka by Morgan Glisczinski

Dzielić Wódka Label and Packaging by Morgan Glisczinski

Pysanky eggs inspired this polish design. For the North American audience, the labeling and packaging may look more like modernistic snowflakes. Paired with vodka, it makes for a festive celebratory gift, especially for any New Year’s party. It’s also a design suitable for year-round use.


Little Roots packaging by Cindy Tan

Little Roots by Cindy Tan

Little Roots Clothing Packaging by Cindy Tan

The cute wintery packaging for Little Roots clothes is a more blatant use of holiday motifs. Inside, the clothing uses blue plaid, beautifully matching the exterior packaging.  The label uses both snowflakes and dots (implying snowflakes) creating dimension. While it screams festive packaging, it remains an appropriate gift for any holiday throughout the season.



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