Happy International Dog Day! • August 26th, 2021 •

Here at Great Lakes Label, we love our dogs! Check out some clever label designs that feature dogs on them and get inspired today!

bower's harbor wine featuring Cooper dog on it

Here, you can see a wine label featuring the vineyard owner’s pet dog, Cooper. They put him on the label to honor him and it adds a sense of comfort and draws many people into buying this wine.

Longue Dog label

This label is clever in the fact that when lined up on the shelves, they can connect to look like a “longue” dog. A dachshund is seen strutting his stuff while walking.

dog and shapes on cold brew coffee label

This cold brew coffee label just happens to wrap up all of the things that people love – coffee and dogs. It adds a messy-hand drawn dog with shapes around it on the label. It gives it a comfortable feel.

Design by – Cafe by Miminko

dog on perro bombero hot sauce bottle

The Perro Bombero hot sauce, cleverly displays a dog on their label, because it works for the brand name. A “Firefighter dog” – as translated, is generally thought of as a dalmatian. The sauce is hot, and so is fire – so why not add a fire dog to the label design!

Design by – Maggie Shi 

wine label with connect the dots dog design

Here, you can see a wine label that uses the minimalist technique. It has a black-matte label that is simple and has what looks to be “stars” in the night sky on the dark label. But then, there is a surprise and an interactive element. It is actually a connect the dot image. When connected, it turns into a dog. this may entice people to purchase this bottle so that they can interact with the label and draw the dog.

Design by – Brandon Ottman 

good dog red dog wine labels with colors and dog outlines

The wine company, Red Dog, uses various dog images and names the wines after them. This could be a great selling point for anyone that has that breed of dog, loves that color, or just loves wine & dogs in general! Get inspired by this company to use a dog on your next label!

Use these labels and international dog day as inspiration for your next label!

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