Get Inspired: Lace in Label Design

Get Inspired: Lace in Label Design

Texture can add interest to a label, and even without embossing or coating techniques. With lacy patterns, there can be an illusion of texture without requiring coatings or embossing without actually adding it to your packaging. Here are some examples of inspiring packaging designs that flexographic and digital printing can both capture.


Lace Design on Ksarak Arak By Serena Bobbo

Intricate Ksarak Arak Design By Serena Bobbo

This pattern may not exactly be lacy, but the intricate design is reminiscent of the intricacies of lace. Not only does this pattern cover the packaging, but having it on the bottle and the bottleneck is a nice, cohesive touch. The fact that this is a blue and white color scheme further emphasizes the simplistic color schemes of lace. This label design adds sophistication to the product’s packaging.


Five Identities Masquerade Design By Hayley Adams

Masquerades heavily feature lace masks, so it is only fitting that this particular design incorporates that particular style. The large motif is perfect for showcasing the intricate details. It’s an elegant custom label, fitting for wine bottles, and sparks the potential customer’s imagination.


Lace Inspired Stillier Design by Lillian Cutts

“The curvaceous form of the bottle teamed with the intricate artwork proves that gin drinkers aren’t always who you think they are.”

This French lace inspired design incorporates the above idea, creating an elegant bottle with an interesting design. It capitalizes on the concept that lace can make women feel “romantic, provocative yet delicate.” An interesting take for such an interesting label. Eye-catching labels tend to be designed with a larger concept in mind, no?




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