Get Inspired: Landscape Label Designs

Need a new wine bottle label? A design for a can of coffee? No matter the product, landscape themed labels are a great choice.

Check out these designs for inspiration!

landscape label on pinot noir - by pavement design
Pavement Design

Everything about this Pinot Noir label is subtle but effective, from the gently rolling hills to the off-white background. The hatched lines and the uneven edges tie everything together. While the label is one to be admired, it also allows potential customers to focus on the product.

Olive oil bottles with landscape design -by studio oye
Studio Oye

Similar to the first label, this design is simple, but it takes on a more impressionistic approach. The jagged blocks of color suggest a mountainous landscape and the gold foil adds a fun but sophisticated touch. It is the perfect example of a minimalistic design.

Sparkling coffee - four seasons design by Sergey Snurnik
Sergey Snurnik

Although this sparkling coffee company may have missed the mark when it comes to flavor, their label design is spot on. It draws inspiration from the four seasons to create a cohesive look among all variations of their product. The bold colors and shapes are bound to draw attention in any store aisle.

Wine bottle aerial landscape view design by Zhanqiang Yang杨展强
Zhanqiang Yang杨展强

Last but certainly not least, this wine label looks like an aerial view out an airplane window, with its patchwork fields and volcanic landscape. The variations on a label like this have the potential to attract a variety of customers without losing the branding.

Each of these labels is unique but effective. They show how versatile landscape designs can be, offering endless options for a variety of products and audiences. Check out our work and contact us to get your landscape label printed!

Written by Abigail Haan

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