In April, we took a look at humor in food packaging, and in June, we took a look at packaging utilizing wordplay. This week, we are focusing in on another area of humor in label design, and examining characters’ roles in creating an eye-catching label.

Talvera Character Design By Hannah Hart


Each character was inspired by the Mayan gods and what they could potentially look like. What’s fantastic about this art is that the gods don’t look like heightened versions of people, like they so often are. It surprisingly, and delightfully, looks like hand-drawn characters of kings and the mustaches are even reminiscent of poster graffiti. Interestingly enough, Hart said, “…the illustrations were then transferred to the bottles using acetone and touched up by hand with a sharpie.”


Om Nom Nom By Anastasia Ovsyannikova

The inspiration combines street characters and stickers together, with each pack containing vinyl stickers. What’s interesting about this packaging is that it contains meat chips and has a target audience of teenagers. Each goofy character represents a different flavor.

Folksaga Folk Tale Design By Caleb Heisey

This design highlights the Swedish distillery so it fittingly utilizes popular Swedish folk tales. As a result, this makes for dynamic characters on the labels that tell a story with just one glance. The almost minimalistic design for the faceless characters is a unique take on traditional tales.



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