Get Inspired: Spatially Satisfying

Get Inspired: Spatially Satisfying

Spatially satisfying labels take advantage of the available space to do something pleasant to look at. These label designs don’t get lost in minimalism and they also don’t pack graphics and text in together. They even use unique shapes to enhance the shapes within the shape.

Ybá's spatially satisfying Drink Label Designed By Chá Gelado
Ybá’s By Chá Gelado

Ybá’s Spatially Satisfying Drink Label Designed By Chá Gelado

There’s so much fantastic use of shape and space with this label. The repetition of the slanted lines compliments the herringbone style design and the lower left whitespace. Even the slanted nature of the fruit graphics create a cohesive balance. Plus, the lines draw the viewers’ eyes all over the label, taking in each detail.


Local Brewing Co. Beer Label Designed By Mark John Mangayayam
Local Brewing Co. By Mark John Mangayayam

Local Brewing Co. Beer Packaging Designed By Mark John Mangayayam

This beer label beautifully breaks the mold by finding the balance between bold and soft features. The title bursting out of the box is a fantastic example to focus attention on. The lines are soft and fluid while the shadow is angular and deep. This design uses the standard label shape and adds dimension solely with unique graphics.


Sommer House Granola Label Designed by Project M+
Sommer House by Project M+

Sommer House Granola Label Designed by Project M+

Unlike the previous two designs, this label uses more traditional lines but creates something beautiful and balanced from them. Even the foiled title draws the eyes down from the crisp, white graphic leaves on top. The flow of the lines in the leaves gets balanced by the angular serif fonts. This label is so timeless that it fits into any setting.  It also makes for easy replication and adaptation for other products in the line.


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