Get Inspired: Stars and Stripes

Get Inspired: Stars and Stripes

To celebrate Independence Day, we’re taking a look at stars and stripes in label design. So, see how to incorporate these simple motifs with flare. This subtly patriotic aesthetic makes the label suitable year-round. So, take inspiration from the holiday in a way that enhances your product. Although fun promotional labels help sell products, this focus is on the more practical nature of the symbols.

Hopswatch label with font stripesHopswatch With Font Stripes Designed by Anna Haggerty

This beer label heavily relies on matching Pantone colors with seasonal flavors. So, the font’s bold, slim design makes the whole concept pop. Although actual stripes aren’t involved, the font still replicates a striped look from a distance. Or, at a first glance, the label looks simplistic and color oriented.


The elements series wine labelThe Elements Wine Label Designed By Dana Mevorach

This design celebrates environmental elements with an extremely simplistic way. As a result, the lines illustrate hills, rain, sunlight and levels of ground. Plus, the lines offer a distinct look making it easy to identify each item with a glance. However, on an option to illuminate the white lines is to foil them. Although the concept is strong, the innovative labeling technique enhances the label.


Kid Friendly First Aid Labels Designed By Brigid Eduarte 

Now for stars. This concept makes first aid items bright and approachable for all demographics. In the case of this hydrogen peroxide label, the stars mimic the bubbling nature of the product. Again, color plays a major role in creating an approachable label. However, the practical requirements of the labeling are still there. So, this packaging design offers a balanced mix of professional label design and creative, eye-catching techniques.


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