Get Inspired: Warmth in Label Design

Get Inspired: Warmth in Label Design

Warmth in label design means warm colors, yes, but it also includes a more abstract concept of nostalgia and understanding or compassion. As fall quickly approaches, these warm tones and concepts fit perfectly for promotional label designs. Consider both how the colors and time of year (it’s back to school season after all) impact nostalgia also.


Pure. nostalgic warmth designed by Calista Maas and Chanre Bosch
Pure. by Chanre Bosch and Calista Maas

Pure. Labels With Nostalgic Warmth Designed by Chanre Bosch and Calista Maas

As mentioned, it’s back-to-school season, so these cartoonish and gamified labels evoke that youthful sense of play and curiosity. The warm tones also evoke a cozy sense of comfort. As a result, it’s virtually impossible to look at this packaging without feeling happy.


milk paint label
Milk Paint by Dawn Steinbock

Milk Paint Label Designed by Dawn Steinbock

Powdered paint is an antique-style method, so it’s fitting the label reflects the history of the product. The sepia tones add that warmth through color, but the fact that it’s not a wrap-around label also allows the warmth of the yellow paint to shine through. Again, the vintage design style provides a sense of nostalgia that offers shoppers warm and fuzzy memories to pop into their minds.


La Sera Wine label designed by Gustav Karlsson
La Sera Wine by Gustav Karlsson

La Sera Wine Label Designed by Gustav Karlsson

Minimalism doesn’t have to have a cold effect. These warm tones create beautiful warmth for the bottle purely as mixing warm and cool tones in the color wheel. However, the colors are reminiscent of sunsets, sunrises, and fires. Very warm and cozy, nostalgia-inducing moments indeed. This design goes to show you that you don’t have to work double time to create nostalgia. It’s all about implications and making connections.

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