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These companies all decided to use Holiday colors, graphics, shapes, and more to add to make their label design stand out this season. Since consumers love to decorate their houses, why not make a holiday-specific label so that your product will double as the product itself, and a “decoration” that your consumers will enjoy. Over the years, it has been proven that creating these labels during this season increases one’s sales as well!

holiday colors on coffee

Design by: Karla Hanón

Holiday Colors on Your Label

For the season, this coffee company uses shades of well-known “holiday season colors.” The blue reminds us of the cold, and snow, while the “pinkish-red” and shade of green make us think of the typical “Christmas colors,” however these 3 colors being slightly different shades than your “standard holiday colors,” it will help them stand out on the shelves.

low elf esteem spirit bottle graphic for the holiday season

Design by: Windmill Designer™

Fun Holiday Graphics

Use some graphics to stand out next to other bottles on the shelf. This one uses a play on words “Low Elf Esteem.” The fun and light-hearted image wraps all the way around the bottle, which means no matter which way the bottle gets turned, it will still feature the holiday graphic to entice consumers to pick it up and check it out.

season's greetings red beer label design

Design by: azziella

Holiday Images & Colors 

This beer bottle uses your typical greeting – “Seasoning’s Greetings,” which is inclusive to any religion or holiday that one may celebrate at this time of year! This is a great idea if your company is diverse or reaches many different backgrounds & demographics.

Design by: Sincerely by Nicole

Classic Holiday Florals

This candle uses the classic holiday florals of ivy, poinsettias, berries, mistletoe, etc. Your consumer would see this product and want it to go on their table during the winter season.

Winter inspired label for serum with blues

Design by: färske

Simple Shapes & Colors

This product label uses simplicity to draw one’s attention. The various hues of winter blues, mimicking snowy hills, and the simple splotches that replicate snowflakes are sure to catch your consumer’s eye.

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